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An Alaskan Migration

Fare Thee Well

Oh boy, it’s that time of year again. Time to get our stuff together and leave for the trap line soon. We have been heading out mid August these last few years but it’s looking like mid September this year. We are swamped by finishing up what we started here in ”town” this summer. This month has been a rush. I turned 34 on July 31st and the next day Tyler flew out to our trap line for the second time this summer to finish work on one of our ‘line cabins’ with one of our good friends. Continue reading

The Season of Regret

Tyler likes to call summer the season of regret. There is so much to do and little time to do it. Before you know it your planning for the fall and half your list of summer work looks like it will be neglected for one more year. The days go by too fast! I feel like the day has just begun when Sydney wakes up from her late afternoon nap. Continue reading

Holding Down The Fort

If you happened to drive past our driveway last night around 1am you may have seen a lady trying to get comfortable enough to sleep in the front of a single cab pickup, trying to wiggle and scrunch between the door and a babies car seat. She probably looked like an overtired, hairy legged hobo. That was me. Continue reading


Here it comes, finally. Summertime in Alaska. A mad frenzy of visiting and soaking up the sun. Tyler’s been busy hammering away at  construction projects and I’m busy being a homemaker, Momma, and gardener. Spring has been beautiful so far. Lots of sun and signs of life springing from every nook and cranny of the earth. Continue reading

A Day in the Life on the Trap Line

I’m working on a few  pieces that require quite a bit of thought and tact, which is a time consuming process for my monkey brain. In desperation to offer something interesting to read while I work on the more difficult pieces I finally came up with an idea. Continue reading


Danger is part of life. People ask me all the time if I get scared “out there”. People want to hear harrowing stories of how I almost got swallowed by the river or eaten by a bear I suppose. Both situations have come up in varying degrees Continue reading


A few days ago we went up to the general store for a shower. We put our shower bag together, Tyler scooped the baby up and I grabbed her carrier. We drove up to the store, paid for a shower and then realized we were missing something, the shower bag. Continue reading


We held off for as long as we could, but it was inevitable I suppose. The time has come for us to buy a safe, legal and decent car. For the last few weeks the three of us have been riding around together in our in single cab pickup, the only vehicle of our fleet of four that has been rescued from the considerable drifts of winter snow. Continue reading

Spring Migration

Sydney and I in the snow alongside our snowshoe path to our cabin in just outside of Fairbanks

Three weeks ago today our annual spring migration began. Unlike the birds in the springtime we do the opposite. We fly south. It’s always a little funny when our absence from the Fairbanks community comes up in casual conversation with strangers, for example, getting our home phone line set up again for the summer, “How nice,” the costumer service person will say, “your lucky to get out of here for the winter!” thinking that we go somewhere warm and exotic. Continue reading

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